About Lester:

Cyberdietics is a startup company owned by Lester Helmus, an octogenarian, who served as a naval
officer for three years during the Korean War.

Lester earned his space on earth the hard way. Orphaned by age 5, and without a father,  Lester spent four
years in an orphanage and four years in four different foster homes.

Lester put himself thru college.

In 1978, Lester singlehanded his Bristol 29 sailboat, round-trip, from New Jersey to Bermuda.
In 1979, he did it again.
In 1980 he sailed again to Bermuda, but this time,he continued on to the British Virgin Islands for a five-
year "sabbatical" in the Caribbean.

Lester has been developing Cyberdiet (a.k.a Lester's Plan) for the past four years and now has it ready for

Customer service is available 24/7 via "Contact Us" with replies via the "Q and A" page.