Components of CyberDiet (a.k.a. Lester's Plan):

* Diet/Meal/Menu Planner: prepare your daily menu according to
your diet requirements

* Food List: all the foods you usually eat with relevant nutrient values
and with informational links to the internet.

* Lester's Sample Menus:  daily menus each prepared with ten
nutrients controlled. See the large meals and snacks you can eat.

* Eat from all the U.S Dietary Guidelines required food groups.

* Videos:  Visual and audio instruction on how to use the Planner.  

* Reusable Meals and Menus (Recipes): Meals and menus that you
can reuse, which speeds  the preparing of daily menus.

* Conversations (Q and A) Page: Has over 100 questions, many
medical, with answers often obtained  by links to the internet. Allows
additional open discussion by users of the plan.