This plan is for you.

Just enjoy the 21 days of menus and I guarantee

most people


Still hungry?

Munch on some celery.

Still not full?

Raise the calories limit.

Don't like a food?

Substitute your own.

Available with hundreds of recipes.

Try my plan for 60 days.

If not fully satisfied return the DVD for a refund.

Dear Dieter,

Get lasting weight loss with this version of  the famos Dash
       *Diet the healthy way.
       *Lose weight the safe way.

Some details: Eat lots of fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and
fiber every day, along with some fat, oil, nuts, seeds, and dairy.
Cyberdiet advises a salad and smoothie daily, fish every other
day, allows red meat every other day, and permits full-fat
regular dairy.

History of Cyberdiet: In December 2014 my doctor, at UCLA
Medical Center, told me my blood sugar was too high. He gave
me six months to get my A1c down or he would have to
prescribe medication. A dietician advised me how to eat so as to
lower my A1c. Cyberdiet brings her advice to you.

I was seventy pounds overweight with chronic constipation,
edema, sleep apnea, BPH, dangerous colon polyps, and high
blood pressure. How was I to control all these problems?

Thus was born Cyberdiet.

Today I am fifty pounds lighter, have reached my target weght
of 170, and my pants size is down from a 46 to a 42. My A1c is
under control at 5.6, as is my hypertension. And no more
constipation pain!

Authoritative:  Cyberdiet links with dieticians on the internet
giving you full nutritional information on over 100 foods and
with doctors to provide vital diet information on over 100
medical questions.

Bonus: Cyberdiet is not a boring diet. You may eat some food
of lower nutritional value including regular dairy, blintzes,
latkes, knishes, potato chips, pickles, sauerkraut, french fries,
hot dogs, corned beef, pastrami, beer, ice cream, etc. You may
do it because Cyberdiet has a special key which protects you
from eating too much "bad" food in one day.   

The Bottom Line: This is the other key that opens the door to
your quest for slimness, good health, and longer life.
Cyber Diet, Meal, and Menu Planner is a masterpiece of

Compatability with Apple and Chromebook: My files are in
Microsoft Office (.XLS and .DOC) and in Open Office (.ODS and
.ODT). With the appropriate free software Mac and Chrome
users should be able to convert my files to your use.

Have a good day and enjoy.

Uncle Lester

PS 1: Each of the included 21 menus controls eight nutrients:
total fat, protein, carbs, saturated fat, fiber, sugar, cholesterol,
sodium, and water for the healthiest of living.

PS 2: Cyberdiet ensures you eat from all the food groups and
with the proper number of servings, i.e. a balanced diet.

PS 3: Cyberdiet is designed to ease you from where you are
now into a lifestyle that is sustainable. The plan is easy to fit
into and can be used for a lifetime.

PS 4: Watch my videos to learn how to do Cyberdiet. Ask any
questions, you may still have, via Ebay or via the website at

PS 5: Cyberdiet employs "nutrient density" now recommended
by the U. S. Government, Dietary Guidelines for 2015 - 2020.